Introducing “PILATES 5 x 5”

Join one of our new Pilates Foundational Groups as we roll-out or new and improved Pilates Private and Semi-Private Training Programs!
Only 5 Foundation Groups will be accepted, each with a maximum of only 5 participants per session to ensure each client receives personalized hands-on training as can only be provided in private or semi-private sessions! Be one of the first 25 people to respond to this offer and ensure your spot in one of our groups, or join with your friends to create your own foundation group! Discover the benefits of training personally with one of our top Pilates instructors, learn to utilize each piece of Pilates equipment and master all of the unique Pilates movement patterns. Build strength, increase flexibility, develop core stabilization and improve overall fitness through Pilates for only $15 dollars per session!
Please contact Raven at or (504) 613-8357
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